This letter is convincing and well-documented. Thank you for discussing it on the radio with me! https://kevinbarrett.substack.com/p/poet-scholar-tom-breidenbach-on-vaccine

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I agree this fine work is as compelling and thourough as any I have seen

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Nov 23, 2021Liked by Tom Breidenbach

Tom, you provide a thorough and well-researched essay. Thank you for warning the people you love about the fast-tracking road to fascism/socialism being brought about by this experimental biological agent. It is no longer a matter of Republicans versus Democrats; it is now the political ruling class versus the taxpaying serfs. I wonder why so many people cannot see the overt removal of freedoms and transfer of wealth. I am aghast at the number of people who willingly take a genetic therapy shot without any long-term proof of efficacy or safety, especially when the pharmaceutical companies are exempt from lawsuit from the many adverse reactions and deaths. I am sickened that these evildoers are now coming after our children! As a Christian, I have read about end times since I was young, and I truly believe the "vaccine" passports are the introduction of the mark of the beast.

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Thank you, Belinda. I share each of the concerns you express. Like you, I sense we are are at the outset of a global catastrophe, including the onset of apocalyptic tyranny. I'm am constantly perplexed that so many just go along with the program, unquestioningly accepting authorities whose track record of lies is obvious. It's mystifying, and for me the challenge has been to maintain my compassion. I recently ran across the work of Mattias Desmet, who applies a very helpful sociological analysis to what we're experiencing culturally, which he terms "mass formation," and which is more colloquially known as mass psychosis. As he frames it, it's the mass psychological precursor to totalitarianism.


As Desmet says, it's important that those of us critical of what's happening each keep doing whatever we can to address the crisis calmly and patiently.

Good to hear from you, as always. I pray for us all.

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Yes it feels like end of time or end times in s f like a pervasive smog in the air. They started the lockdown from London B on 3-11-2020

Then Trump within a week

Interestingly they chose s f apparently as the easiest place to start this shit.

You will see folks shoot up on the sidewalk...guess they thought we like needles....they give me the creeps....


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Thanks for this impressive compile

I started saying a few months back that we couldn't both be right or correct

Either the vaxz is cool or is a calamity

I kept wishing and stated I hope I am wrong . I still do but I guess the truth is getting to be undeniable since the post in Circulation in the last day going around now

I made a sign last night:

Stop the evill vaxxine

End the fear campaign

I spelled evil with ill to convey.

It is as hard work to hold up a sign as anything but we have to all be strengthening our sign holding muscles

And most of all we have to talk to folks

Suggest in the sun in public late morning or afternoon after a smile

They have Freedom parks in the Philippines...

We need these too now.



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I want to add my actual thoughts in response to what i took as your thesis near the end...

In regards to this aspect of TPTB I have to view the most dangerous aspect of Arrogance, the Grand Arrogance, as the problem. I agree

Who are we to play Goddess?

We have to pity these folks who act like God and firmly get back down to Earth fast...

Time is now

Think...first things first....


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This is remarkable, a tour de force

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Hey yo, I can help but this shit ain’t going to write itself, I don’t do that

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